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Thanks for visiting Tuckerman Hall’s website. We’re pleased to be one of this country’s foremost reception and performance venues. In this space, we’ll discuss a variety of topics relating to our facility. We hope that our insights and vantage point will be helpful to everyone who wishes to plan an event here.

We’re privileged to be able to work in such a special venue. Tuckerman Hall is like a beautiful piece of art: timeless, inspiring, and never ceasing to reveal some new element of its incredible beauty.

There are many qualities that make a Tuckerman Hall event unique. We’ll touch upon just three here. First, the scope and scale of our facility allows for terrific flow of any event – whether it’s a wedding, special social function, corporate dinner, or concert. Second, the acoustics in our main hall are particularly outstanding. We’ve had so many world-class performers over the years rave about how easy it is for them to produce such a big, beautiful sound at Tuckerman Hall. Third, our stunning architecture provides the perfect backdrop to complement whatever event is being planned at our facility.

We welcome your inquiries. Please call us at 508-754-1234. We look forward to serving you and to enabling you and your guests to derive as much satisfaction from this amazing space as possible.

Paul Levenson, Executive Director